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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy: FAQ

Through my academic training and teaching experience I have gained valuable experience in developing the dance student. As an educator, I believe in challenging the individual through multiple modalities.  I want my students to discover themselves by engaging their senses intellectually, emotionally, and kinesthetically. It is through this vital discovery of self that their artistry can thrive in an environment that encourages creative trust and personal growth. In my classroom, I encourage students to experiment, to take ownership of their ingenuity, and discover something new within each class as a means to develop their own aesthetic preferences. It is my wish for students to fully engage with their authentic humanity as they pursue their artistic and educational goals.

I am determined and committed to dance as an art form and tool for expression. I approach everything I do with caring and respect for the students and craft that I serve. I have experience teaching multiple styles and levels adapting to the needs of the students accordingly. I believe in creating an atmosphere in the classroom that is inclusive, joyful, and educational. It is my distinct pleasure to work with students as they embark on their journey through dance, theater, artistry, and increased physical awareness.

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